Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Course!

    • Introduction to the course
  • 2

    Remedies for Colds and Flu to Make Ahead

    • Garlic is the BEST Remedy for Colds and Flu for Many Reasons
    • Make Fire Cider for Congestion
    • Make a Simple Yet Effective Ginger Honey Syrup
    • Elderberry Syrup is as Effective as it is Tasty
    • Make a Highly Effective Oil for Ear Infections
    • Make Sore Throat Balls for an Effective Remedy
    • Quiz
  • 3

    Remedies to Make Once You have a Cold or Flu

    • Make a Tasty and Warming Ginger Tea
    • Gargle with Sage and Salt to Quickly Heal a Sore Throat
    • Make a Warming and Immune Boosting Chai Tea
    • Make Simple Curry Onions
    • Make an Immune Boosting Stew for the Whole Family
    • Quiz
  • 4

    Detailed Protocols for Various Cold and Flu Symptoms

    • What to do for a Sore Throat
    • What to do for an Ear Infection
    • What to do for a fever
    • What to do for the Flu
    • What to do for Respiratory Infections
    • Quiz
  • 5

    Resources and Supporting Information

    • Cold and Flu Recipes
    • Other Items to have on Hand
    • When to Seek Help for a Cold or Flu
    • How to Prevent Getting a Cold or Flu