Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welocome the Herbal First Aid

    • Introduction to Herbal First Aid
    • Which Teas are the Most Essential
    • Ingredients for Teas
    • The Details of Making a Medicinal Tea
  • 2

    Powder Treatments Pack Well and Last a Long Time

    • Powders are Versatile Healers
    • Alternative to Emergen-C
    • You Will be Grateful for Yarrow Powder
  • 3

    Tinctures and Liniments are Fast Acting

    • My Favorite Tinctures and Liniments
    • Making Klosss Liniment
  • 4

    Essentail Oils are Powerful Medicine

    • What Essential Oils are Worth Putting into the Frist-aid Kit
    • List of Essential Oils
    • Make a Lavender Spray
  • 5

    Oils and Gels for Topical Application

    • Two Gels and an Oil Most Benefitial and Most Versatile
  • 6

    Amazing Kitchen Ingredients to Use in a Pinch

    • Effective Remedies from Your Kitchen
    • Why and How to Best Use Garlic
  • 7

    Types of First Aid Kits

    • Types of First Aid Kits