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Plants provide some of our most valuable medicine! The World Health Organization states that more than 80% of people on earth use herbs as their primary form of medicine. Additionally, many of the pharmaceuticals we are familiar with are derived directly from plants. Discover this important mode of healing and learn how you can incorporate herbs into your life for optimum health.   

Get a practical understanding of what herbalism is and how it works

You’ll gain skills you can use for everyday life as well as a necessary foundation if you decide to dig deeper into the exploration of herbal medicine. By the end of the course you will be able to make several different types of herbal medicine that you can use for your health and wellbeing. These remedies are simple to make and exceptionally effective.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Making Herbal Medicine Introduction

    • Introduction to Herbalism and How to Make Herbal Medicine
    • Disclaimer
    • What is Herbalism and How Does it Work
    • Introduction and Making Herbal Medicine Overview
    • Herbalism Terms
  • 2

    Making Herbal Medicine for Internal Use

    • Overview of Making Herbal Tinctures - Part 1
    • Overview of Making Herbal Tinctures - Part 2
    • Learn How to Make Tinctures
    • Details of Plants Discussed for Making Tinctures
    • Making Herbal Honeys
    • Details of Plants Discussed for Making Herbal Honeys
    • Make Several Different Types of Herbal Tea
    • Details of Plants Discussed for Making Herbal Tea
    • Making an Herbal Syrup
    • Details of Plants Discussed for Making Herbal Syrups
    • Quiz
  • 3

    Making Herbal Medicine for External Use

    • Making an Herbal Infused Oil
    • Details of Plants Discussed for Making Herbal Oils
    • Making an Herbal Salve
    • Details of Plants Discussed for Making Herbal Salves
    • Make a Poultice and Compress
    • Details of Plants Discussed for Making Poultices and Compresses
    • Dry Herbs Harvested from the Garden or the Wild
    • Details of Plants Discussed for Drying Herbs
    • Quiz
  • 4

    Combining Herbs into a Formula

    • Overview of How to Combine herbs
    • Examples of How to Combine Herbs
    • Quiz
  • 5

    Important Considerations in Using Herbal Medicine

    • How to Use Medicinal Herbs Safely
    • Selecting Herb Quality and Proper Storage
    • Harvesting Herbs from the Wild Sustainably
    • Quiz
  • 6


    • Resources for Purchasing Ingredients and Supplies
    • Recommended Books for Beginners


“I find it very inspiring and useful. It helps to see the instructor really performing the tasks - a picture (or video here) is worth a thousand words. There are many helpful details that would not even occur to me to ask about. I am immediately putting the new knowledge to practice, referring back to the lessons for details. Thank you!”

“This course is crisp and clean. It’s to the point without wasting time. Videos are easy to watch and informative. I highly recommend it to anyone with the slightest interest in Herbalism!”

“Wonderful course that is taught by an experienced herbalist. This is THE place to start when you want to be a herbalist.”


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  • Is there a certificate offered for the course?

    Yes, there is a certificate of completion for the course.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    There is a 14 day money-back guarantee.

  • Can I rewatch videos and course documents?

    Yes, you can replay the videos and re-read course documents as many times as you wish.

  • Can I take the courses on my phone?

    Yes, the course is available on any type of device including phones, computers and tablets.